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The academic program at Master’s Academy offers a competitive, comprehensive college-preparatory curriculum employing the Master’s Approach to Christian Education, and the Notebook Method, ensuring a smooth transition to college or career.

High school students will expand their academic knowledge as their core subjects expand and elective options increase. We are also growing our Advanced Placement and dual enrollment offerings.

Having begun  and initiated development of strong critical thinking skills in middle school, our high school students will be taught to strengthen their knowledge and defend their faith through a variety of means, the most significant being the Junior Apprentice and Senior Thesis.

Based on their interests and future career goals, juniors research local businesses and will spend an entire week as an “apprentice” to a local professional. Not only does this experience broaden the student’s knowledge base, it also helps them further determine God’s will for their lives.

As a dedicated class, seniors will be led through a comprehensive, college level research process culminating in a quality paper and public defense of their conclusions. Although this may seem intimidating to some, it is excellent training for the rigors of college and beyond.

A graduate of Master’s Academy will be equipped to thrive in future academic studies and be well-rounded with strong Christian character. They will be articulate in their faith, displaying a servant’s heart in leadership, and possessing a deep level of self-governance.



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