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Has God put it on your heart to support the mission of Master's Academy outside of providing your children a Christian education?

Our Annual Fund, Support Our School (S.O.S.), has begun to resonate with families.  Several have pledged or given to the fund already this school year. Our goal is to grow support from donors in our community who will join our school families in supporting the mission of Master's Academy. We encourage EVERY family to support the annual fund before the end of 2020, either with a donation in any amount OR through volunteering to promote Master’s Academy in the community. By doing this, we will have reached 100% support of our annual fund campaign from our parents, staff, and students. With a 100% participation, our community will see the value of Christian education in Vero Beach and will be encouraged to join us in our Fight For Christian Education.

  1. Strengthen our financial position to overcome difficulties of the changing seasons and unforeseen challenges we are facing.

  2. Position our school with unique opportunities for growth in the areas of property, staff, and our student body.

  3. Empower our students with technology and critical thinking skills to be successful today and prepared for tomorrow.

  4. Advance our ability to meet our students educational needs.

  5. Develop an infrastructure that encourages new ventures, renewed visions, and stronger relationships with our constituents.

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