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Submission, Vision, and Mission

“Veritas et Lux,” Latin for “Truth and Light.”


We submit to the Word of God. We embrace it as the Truth and Jesus Christ is the Light of the World. We seek to acknowledge this Source of truth and light, the Source of liberty and of all excellence.

Our Vision is that students at Master’s Academy will enjoy learning in a teacher directed, safe, loving environment following the example of Our Lord as described in Luke 2:52: intellectually, physically, spiritually, and relationally. Graduates will be equipped to thrive in future academic studies and be well-rounded with strong Christian character, articulate in their faith, displaying servant leadership, and be self-governed citizen.

It is the mission of Master’s Academy to spiritually develop and academically challenge students to impact their world for Jesus Christ. Master’s Academy is committed to excellence in education, the truth and authority of the scriptures, and a Christ-centered worldview.

Master's Academy Pillars of Fruit

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Believing that a Biblically governed education will produce students of Christian character, industry, faith, and charity, Master’s Academy joins with parents and churches in a partnership to inculcate Christian self-government as the foundation for excellence in all of life.

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MASTER’S ACADEMY exists to spiritually develop and academically challenge each student to impact the world for Christ. We are committed to the truth and authority of the Scriptures and a Christ-centered worldview.


The philosophy of Master’s Academy is based on a biblical worldview: God is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, the Source and Essence of all goodness and truth. God’s Word is our standard; it is central to every subject, activity, and relationship.


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